The Dewis e-Assessment System
Welcome to the DEWIS e-Assessment System.

This web page is aimed at those that have yet to use DEWIS and who wish to know more about this e-Assessment system.

The DEWIS system has been designed and developed by a team of of Mathematicians, Statisticians and Software Engineers at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE). It is a e-Assessment system initially designed for the assessment of Mathematics and Statistics but which can also be used in other subject fields.

At UWE, DEWIS has been used for both a formative and summative e-assessments across a number of modules, delivered to students in awards in the fields of Business, Computer Science, Nursing, Software Engineering, Engineering and Mathematics and Statistics.

•  The Motivation behind DEWIS

Key Features
The key features of DEWIS arose from both the requirements eminating from the motivation behind DEWIS and also by system requirements drawn up by academics at UWE. These academics have had extensive experience of using various e-Assessment systems across a broad field of subjects.

Here we supply a brief summary of what we consider to be the key features of DEWIS:
  • Algorithmic question generation, marking and feedback
  • Different Question Input Types
  • Academics' Management
  • Lossless Data Collection
  • Student Friendly Features
  • Independent of Commercial Software
  • Robust and Efficient

  • View DEWIS at mathcentre - to see examples of assessments in anonymous formative mode. (opens new window)
  • HEA STEM presentation - part of the 'E-assessment in the Mathematical Sciences' workshop (Middlesex University 2014)
  • Showcase Questions - to see examples of individual questions that may be included in assessments.
  • View the Public Question Bank - password protected - contact us to obtain the password.
  • View a Sample Reporter.
  • SCORM Package Example.
  • RSS Feed.